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      The Dental Corner

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      100% Australian made in-house
      Denture Clinic
      We keep our services focused to a handful of offerings, consisting of Dentures, Mouthguards, Teeth Whitening, and Laboratory Services.
      Dental Laboratory
      At The Dental Corner we aim to create long-term relationships with our patients, clients and partners by providing value to you with quality dental appliances that are individually crafted, locally in-house.
      About The Dental Corner

      Our Patients and Our Clients Are Our Priority

      To our Clinical Patients, we understand that the cost of treatment can sometimes get in the way. At the Dental Corner we accept all major health funds, are HICAPS equipped – accepting all major forms of payment, as well as tailoring individual payment plans where necessary, so as to help reduce financial barriers. For our Laboratory Clients, all our dental appliances are backed by our guarantee that all are made locally in-house by experienced dental technicians, and all materials used in our manufacturing processes are all TGA approved. Furthermore, we understand the many pressures of running a dental business, and so we aim to provide you with competitively priced dental appliances and swift turnaround times, all without compromising quality.

      Who We Are

      At The Dental Corner, Sydney, our patients and clients are our priority. With our focused approach to dental solutions and high-quality dental appliances crafted in-house, our team seeks to foster long-term relationships with every patient. To ensure affordable care and treatment, The Dental Corner accepts all major health funds, government vouchers and is HICAPS equipped. Our clinics also offer tailored payment plans to ensure you receive quality care without financial constraints. We accept Zip Pay. Our Dental Laboratory provides custom-made fittings crafted locally in-house by experienced technicians. All dental appliances are made using TGA-approved materials and equipment, ensuring we never compromise on quality or workmanship.
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      Dentures are tailored prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth, generally supported by the gums or existing teeth. The experienced DENTAL PROSTHETISTS at The Dental Corner have all your denture needs covered. Our technicians can custom-make a set of new appliances whether you need full dentures, flexible dentures, metal partial dentures, or implant-retained overdentures.

      Full Dentures

      Also known as a complete denture, full dentures entirely replace the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Generally made from acrylic, full dentures consist of multi-layered teeth and a denture base, providing the appearance and function of the natural dentition.

      Partial Dentures

      A partial denture is designed to fill in the spaces left by missing teeth but are not as complete as full dentures. Consisting of a plate with one or more false teeth mounted onto it, partial dentures can ensure your remaining teeth are properly supported.


      The Dental Corner also offers implant-retained overdentures. While conventional dentures are held in place by adhesives or natural suction, overdentures are attached to implants that have been inserted into the jawbone.

      Denture Repairs

      The trained technicians at The Dental Corner can restore or reline existing dentures, returning them to you as good as new. Relining involves applying acrylic resin to the inside of your denture where it rests on your gums. This coating improves the fitting surface in order to enhance the retention and stability of your dentures. Relines can be applied to both full and partial dentures.

      Teeth Whitening

      The Dental Corner offers efficient whitening services designed to return your teeth to a whiter shade. As we get older, teeth naturally discolour and yellow, which can be mitigated by daily brushing and biannual visits to the dentist. However, an occasional whitening treatment can be the ideal solution to remove stains or discolouration. Our highly-trained Dental Prosthetists use approved bleaching agents and techniques to protect your gums from irritation and discomfort. We offer a free consultation to assess your teeth before the whitening, ensuring optimal oral health.

      Sports Mouthguards

      Mouthguards are an essential piece of equipment for contact sports, designed to protect the teeth, jaw, and lips. In case of impacts, mouthguards cushion teeth from being broken, dislocated, or knocking against each other. Sports mouthguards also serve to lessen impacts that could damage the lower jaw. Ensure premium protection with custom-fitted sports mouthguards from The Dental Corner. Our skilled dental prosthetists take accurate measurements and recordings of your teeth, sculpting a mouthguard tailored to your dentition. Each guard is laminated to provide added strength/durability, while the reduced palatal aspect offers comfort when breathing and speaking. You can even personalise your sports mouthguards with an array of colours, patterns, and graphics. The Dental Corner ensures the quality craftsmanship and reliability of all their mouthguards, whether you are on the mat, in the ring, or on the field.

      Dental Laboratory

      The Dental Laboratory in Sydney strives to supply all clients and patients with premium dental appliances. The dental prosthetics at The Dental Corner are custom-made in-house using TGA-approved materials.

      Acrylic Dentures

      Manufactured using Vertex acrylic with Ivoclar teeth, our dentures offer high impact resistance, low-water sorption, and aesthetic appeal. Acrylic dentures can also be efficiently repaired or relined as needed.

      Chrome Partial Dentures

      With a slimmer profile, greater strength, and less palatal/lingual coverage, chrome is an ideal choice for metal partial dentures. Removable chrome partial dentures provide maximum functionally for day-to-day use, while offering flexibility for future tooth additions.

      Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

      Valplast is a biocompatible nylon resin which balances stability and flexibility for high-quality partial dentures. The design, colour, and shape of Valplast flexible dentures allow them to blend with the gum tissue, as they snap into place around existing dentition.
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