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      Dental Leichhardt

      Dental Laboratory Leichhardt

      Our experienced prosthetists and technicians provide premium Dental Laboratory services for our patients and clients in Leichhardt. We create quality dental appliances in-house using TGA-approved materials.
      Working closely with licensed dentists and specialists, the Dental Laboratory uses moulds and impressions of the teeth to craft tailored appliances.
      We offer competitive prices and quick turnaround times across our selection of dental prosthetics. Our technicians constantly strive to refine processes and techniques to ensure top-quality appliances for every client.

      Free Pickups

      For added convenience, The Dental Corner offers free pickups for jobs through our Dental Laboratory services. Simply package the box with the relevant lab sheet and call our friendly team on 02 8065 5360 to book a pick-up time. Ensure the required delivery label is attached and have the package ready for our courier.

      Acrylic Dentures

      Need new or replacement dentures? Our acrylic dentures are made using Ivoclar teeth and a Vertex acrylic base, providing high impact resistance, strength, and premium aesthetics. All dentures crafted by the Dental Laboratory can be efficiently repaired or relined as needed. The relining process involves applying an acrylic resin to the inner portion of the denture, where it rests against the gumline. This improves the fitting surface of your dentures to improve retention and stability.

      Chrome Partial Dentures

      Our partial dentures are crafted from chrome, resulting in reduced palatal/lingual coverage and a slimmer profile. A close fit is achieved by integrating the clasps within the framework, resulting in dentures that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing.

      Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

      Valplast is made from a biocompatible nylon resin, supplying our partial dentures with the perfect blend of stability and flexibility. The design, colour, and shape of the non-allergenic Valplast allow it to blend in with the natural appearance of the gums.

      Sports Mouthguards

      Tailored to the unique dentition of each client, our sports mouthguards provide maximum protection for the teeth, jaw, and lips. Each mouthguard features a reduced palatal aspect for added comfort when breathing or talking.

      Occlusal Splints

      Our Dental Laboratory services include a selection of occlusal splints designed to prevent discomfort or pain caused by jaw clenching, tooth grinding, or muscle tension. We provide a selection of options including Michigan splints, flat plane, and KeySplint CAD/CAM splints.

      Orthodontic Appliances

      We offer a selection of orthodontics for clients in Leichhardt including removable passive and active appliances, as well as fixed passive retainers. The Dental Laboratory manufactures orthodontics to suit patient needs, whether using standard components or necessary extras such as finger springs.
      Denture Clinic
      We keep our services focused to a handful of offerings, consisting of Dentures, Mouthguards, Teeth Whitening, and Laboratory Services.
      Denture Clinic
      Dental Laboratory
      At The Dental Corner we aim to create long-term relationships with our patients, clients and partners by providing value to you with quality dental appliances that are individually crafted, locally in-house.
      Dental Laboratory