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      Dentures Dulwich Hill

      Denture Clinic Dulwich Hill
      The Dental Corner provides custom-made sports mouthguards, denture services, and tooth whitening for our patients and clients in Dulwich Hill. The qualified dental technicians and prosthetists at the Denture Clinic apply a focused approach to ensure the highest standards of care.
      The Dental Corner offers the following services for patients in Dulwich Hill:

      Partial Dentures

      Need partial dentures for your upper or lower jaw? These prosthetic appliances are ideal for patients who have one or more of their natural teeth remaining. Our partial dentures are made with acrylic, metal, or Valplast, precisely fitted to match your gingiva and remaining dentition. Multi-layered acrylic teeth are mounted onto the base, replacing the missing teeth to maintain optimum function and maximise dental health. As a certified Valplast Lab, The Dental Corner is qualified to produce Valplast flexible dentures for our Dulwich Hill patients. Designed specifically for the patient, Valplast partials fit snugly around the dentition, blending in with the natural appearance of the gums.

      Chrome Partial Dentures

      Partial dentures made from chrome feature a slimmer profile compared to dentures made from other materials. This reduced profile provides these partials with less lingual/palatal coverage as well as a closer fit. The clasps are an integral part of the framework, assisting chrome partial dentures to be highly functional, strong, and flexible.

      Full Dentures

      A full denture is a fitted dental prosthetic crafted to replace all the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. These appliances are generally made from a variety of acrylic, with durable bases providing a supportive mounting surface for multi-layered acrylic teeth. The bases are tailored to the shape of your gums, supplying optimal support for proper function.


      Overdentures, also referred to as implant-retained dentures, are a solution for patients who want the stability of implants and the removability of traditional dentures. If deemed suitable by our experienced dentists, implants can be inserted into the jawbone. Implant-retained overdentures are usually a more expensive option but offer greater rigidity and strength when in use.

      Denture Relining

      The Dental Corner offers repair, restoration, and relining services for patients with existing dentures and prosthetic appliances. Relining is a process that should be regularly performed by trained dentists to ensure the best possible fit. Acrylic resin is applied to the underside of the denture where the base rests on the gums. Suitable for both partial and complete dentures, relining improves the fitting surface of the appliance. To learn more about what the Denture Clinic can offer for patients in Dulwich Hill, contact us on or call us on 02 8065 5360.
      Denture Clinic
      We keep our services focused to a handful of offerings, consisting of Dentures, Mouthguards, Teeth Whitening, and Laboratory Services.
      Denture Clinic
      Dental Laboratory
      At The Dental Corner we aim to create long-term relationships with our patients, clients and partners by providing value to you with quality dental appliances that are individually crafted, locally in-house.
      Dental Laboratory